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FrenchBooster Program

A 2-month French course to scale up your French conversational skills on daily-life related topics through weekly small-group and 1-on-1 French classes.

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FrenchBooster Program




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attendance rate

* out of 42 respondents to the end-of-course survey since 2019.

Upcoming sessions

duration of the programme


27 hours in 2 months

french level

French level prerequisite:

  • Lower intermediate (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Upper Intermediate (B2)
attendees expatriates paris


4 to 6 participants per group
must be over 18 years old

paris french classes


Paris • Saint-Germain-en-Laye • on-site or online

The FrenchBooster Program in short

Break through your French fluency plateau

Since 2018, our FrenchBooster Program helps expatriates in Paris rapidly scale up their conversation and comprehension skills as well as their understanding of the French cultural and social codes so they can easily connect with French native speakers and better adjust to life in Paris.






Past Cycles

This French language course is suitable for expatriates, diplomats and expatriates' spouses/partners.

Main objectives of the course

Functional Language
Comprehension & Accent
Cultural codes
Confidence & Spontaneity
Each class is devoted to one major area of everyday conversation. You will be focusing on learning, practicing and assimilating practical vocabulary, idioms and sentence structures that you will be able to understand and use to have more natural conversations on that very particular topic, in any daily-life related situations.
Learn Practical & Natural Vocabulary,
Idioms and Sentence Structures
During each face-to-face class, you will get plenty of exercises and tips to brush up your French accent and help you significantly better understand native French speakers. After each class, you will be provided with additional oral comprehension tests and selected resources to help you keep practicing further on your own.
Improve your French
comprehension skills & accent
Question, step back and increase your understanding of Parisian lifestyle, cultural codes and speech patterns. For each topic addressed during the class, you will get actionable insights that reflect of the Parisian society and lifestyle. After each class, a selected range of additional online resources will help you delve further into the French cultural codes and topics.
Increase your cultural understanding
of Parisian society & lifestyle
The FrenchBooster program is open to 6 participants. This is a perfect size for conducting highly interactive guided and authentic conversational activities. You will have plenty of room to practice and use the new concepts and to train yourself in starting and driving daily conversations with more confidence and spontaneity.
Gain more confidence and spontaneity
in your day-to-day conversations
Course Organization

Embark on an engaging French learning journey

The FrenchBooster program combines three powerful sequences: interactive small-group sessions with highly participative activities for dynamic learning and practical language usage, personalized one-on-one coaching to address your unique challenges and accelerate your progress, and self-paced learning on our in-house platform, providing you with additional exercises, quizzes, and resources to reinforce your skills and delve deeper into new concepts.

8 weekly small-group sessions


Each small-group weekly session is devoted to one major area of everyday conversation. It's the starting point to learn, practice and master new vocabulary, concepts and social codes.

Every session is based on a structured, stimulating and progressive learning process. Each person has a chance to speak and participate extensively within the group and gets personalized feedback from the teacher.

A learning booklet is issued and given to each participant at the start of each small-group class.

2 online private 1-on-1 classes


Each session is entirely dedicated to addressing your unique priorities and challenges. Whether it's tackling persistent language difficulties, mastering specific topics, or adopting new learning strategies, your expert French language coach, Fabienne, has got you covered.

Fabienne will personally design a bespoke French curriculum for each of your 1-on-1 private sessions, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience.

You can benefit from your 1-on-1 French classes, scheduled conveniently to suit your needs, all within a remote learning environment.

Online access to further challenges and resources

~30mn to 3h per session

After each session, you'll have access to exercises, flashcards, quizzes, and lots of helpful materials through our user-friendly online learning platform. These resources will supercharge your memorization and understanding of the new concepts from the class and give you the freedom to explore the related topics in even more depth.

And here's the cherry on top: our alumni continue to bask in unlimited access to our web app for at least one year after completing the program. So, you can keep refining your skills, revisiting lessons, and enjoying the language journey long after your FrenchBooster adventure ends.

Course Students

Learn with a community of like-minded expats

Our students are open minded, curious and highly motivated expatriates or visitors with strong connections to France, coming from countries all over the world. They have various backgrounds (business professionals, entrepreneurs, MBA students, expats' life spouses/partners, freelancers…). Some have already been living in France for a long time, others have just arrived. An outstanding opportunity to meet like-minded people, share tips and even make new friends.

When joining our classes, you will have access to our dedicated Slack workspace where you will be able to easily connect with our network of incredible expat students.


The Novexpat Quality

Fabienne Defaux, author of the conversation classes content
classes authored by

Fabienne Defaux

French Teacher for Foreigners for 12+ years

Designer of French learning programs

Our conversation class is the result of 6+ years of iteration and continuous improvement over 19 previous sessions of FrenchBooster programs given to 95+ alumni with a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds, whether online or in-person.

The course flow has been optimized so that every participant within the group can speak as much as possible and get personalized feedbacks.

The teachers are native and qualified as a French teacher for foreigners. They are experienced in monitoring the whole process, facilitating the dialogue and ensuring that the timings are respected.

I loved the variety of the French Booster. It was intense but I was never bored! The standard of teaching was outstanding. A very well devised course that I would recommend for anyone at intermediate level!

Alumni Summer 2019

Learning French turns out to be a travel adventure. The classes are shaped with a definite structure that covers all the relevant subjects I want to be able to communicate about.

Alumni Fall 2018

I did the FrenchBooster when I moved to Paris. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot in a short time. What makes novexpat's lessons so fun is that they are about everyday life. What you learn is immediately applicable.

Alumni Winter 2019

Incredible! Very practical and helpful. My French friends have commented on my increased language confidence.

Alumni Spring 2018

The classes are interactive and fun and the teacher is always positive and encouraging. I also enjoy using 'Neo', their education platform that has fun exercises that give great insights to the French language and culture.

Alumni Winter 2019

Highly recommend the Novexpat FrenchBooster class! Fabienne is knowledgeable and so supportive, and the small class size is ideal for learning and practicing conversation. The online component is also very useful and well done. Excellent class!

Alumni Spring 2020

What a difference this class made. I felt more french and more confident with each lesson. Each week I learned useful everyday words and expressions that I used the minute I left the class.

Alumni Fall 2019

95 +




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Novexpat quality process is checked and certified

We are committed to providing the highest quality of learning and student experience possible. That is why for the last 3 years, we have been committed to meeting the national Qualiopi quality standard. Our quality system and approach are regularly checked by an independent organization to ensure we reach the best standards of training organizations. We have been certified since 2021. The quality certification was issued under the following category of action: training actions.


How to apply to our FrenchBooster Program

Our free admission process will ensure you that the course 100% fits your needs and objectives. Start now!

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FrenchBooster Program

960€ • 27h

  • Expert Native French Teachers

    Embrace your French journey with Novexpat's supportive, creative, and qualified FLE instructors

  • Focused on daily life situations

    Immediately leverage what you learn in each class to enrich your daily conversations.

  • Structured and practical

    Experience remarkable progress with our highly structured and proven curriculum and teaching methodology.

  • Small groups

    You have room to engage, speak and practice.

  • Online learning material and community

    Keep life-time access to Novexpat platform and Slack

  • Financing options available

    Flexibly manage your payments in up to 3 installments, individually or through your CPF, FAF, or company funding.

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