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zigzag french class

useful and authentic content

Learn vocabulary, idioms or sentence structures that Parisians do use everyday. It's your turn to use it right away.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

simplifying the trickiest grammar rules

Grammar can really be a pain. Our pedagogical team makes it lean and accessible with carefully chosen examples and mnemonics.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

something to learn for everyone, everytime

Whatever your current French level is, we are pretty sure you will always learn something. Each tip is translated in English as well.

A concise & structured read


This is what you will learn in this issue.


Try to choose the right option in the described situation.


Check the right answer. Were you right?


Find out a concise French tip from our teaching experts that should help you to understand the answer and assimilate it for good.


Learn some further useful and idiomatic sentences in relation with the topic.


It's your turn to reuse what you've learnt!

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Mon French Expresso is written by our engineering team of native French tutors. Selected topics come from frequent questions or difficulties that our students are used to having. Feel free to suggest any ideas of topic or specific issues you would like us to write on!

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Our first motivation is to build a newsletter of which we can be proud and that gathers a high number of followers. Mon French Expresso content is also useful to our teaching team and students during their face-to-face French learning courses. It's totally free. If you like our content, you can also consider buying us an expresso. 😉

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