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The French Diplôme de Compétence en Langue • Français Langue Étrangère

Get level B1 to apply for French citizenship or just make your French skills stand out. Prepare for the French Diplôme de Compétence en Langue, issued by the French Ministry of National Education. Valid for an unlimited period of time, worldwide.

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* Stats based on DCL FLE results from our alumni since 2019.

Valuing your French level with the DCL certificate

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The diplôme de compétence en langue (DCL) is a professional state certification specifically designed for adults professionals by the French Ministry of National Education .

The DCL Français Langue Étrangère certifies the gained skills in the professional and daily French language communication as commonly used in all the economic activities. Its uniqueness lies on its candidates' language level assessment process. The candidates are put in a work position close to reality and is meant to be really practical.

The DCL FLE certificate is a diploma. As such, it is recognized as a valid piece of evidence of your French level by the French State for the renewal of the residence permit (level A2 required for both oral and written) and for the French naturalization application (level B1 required for both oral and written).

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The DCL FLE in a nutshell

The Diplôme de Compétence en Langue is a 2h30 examination based on both written and spoken communication through an immersive simulation close to professional reality.

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Designed for A2 to C1 levels

The DCL exam is the same whatever your French level. Unlike other French certifications, you don't need choose in advance and prepare for the specific level you are aiming at. We will however help you reach the level you need/want to reach.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

About 3 sessions a year

Exam sessions are organized every 4 months in average. We will manage your registration on your behalf in the closest examination center of your place of residence. Results are usually communicated from 1 to 3 months after the exam is taken.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

A lifetime certificate

Unlike other French certificates, the DCL FLE has no validity limit. Once you have it, you keep it for good! Which makes it a great piece of evidence of your French level for the renewal of the residence permit or for the French naturalization application.

Preparing for the DCL exam through our French classes

We are officially allowed to prepare you for the DCL exam through our FrenchUp Courses, bespoke French classes and the FrenchBooster Program.

novexpat is accredited to prepare you to the DCL exam

We will explain you in details the conditions of the exams and you will be trained through two prep DCL tests. You will know how to maximize your chances to get the best result out of the exam. Some of your sessions will be dedicated to the exam preparation and to train you on your main difficulties.

If you prepare for the DCL FLE examination and work in France, you may be able to use your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) to help you finance your preparation classes with us. You can have a look at our programmes on the Compte Personnel de Formation here .

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4 exam sessions currently scheduled in Île-de-France

Thursday December 7, 2023

Register before Saturday October 7, 2023

Monday March 18, 2024

Register before Thursday January 18, 2024

Monday June 17, 2024

Register before Wednesday April 17, 2024

Monday December 9, 2024

Register before Wednesday October 9, 2024

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