Unlock your French in remote or in a hybrid format.

In this period of long-term sanitary crisis, we migrated all ongoing and upcoming FrenchBooster, FrenchUp and Bespoke French classes to a remote learning environment that offers an engaging first-rate learning experience.

As soon as the lockdown become less strict, individual face-to-face classes will be also run on-site in compliance with sanitary measures or in a hybrid format.

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Our remote learning experience in 2 steps

zigzag french class

Step 1 | Join your teacher in a virtual classroom

Have structured, highly interactive and stimulating French classes in a virtual classroom environment, face-to-face with your teacher, at a scheduled time you both previously agreed on. Your teacher will keep following your initial learning programme as if you were face-to-face: the methodology, the contents of your classes and the material used will remain unchanged.
We use high-quality Zoom services, which will be free to use for you and can be downloaded on your desktop or any mobile devices.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

Step 2 | Practice your new skills on our webapp

Practicing outside the class is key to make swift and significant progress. Here's why, after each online session with their teacher, our students have a continued access to selected additional guided online activities to memorize, assimilate and delve further into the new concepts learnt during the class.
Our online education platform is tailored and coded in-house to perfectly fit our students needs and priorities.

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Your remote toolbox

virtual French classroom

We selected Zoom as our reliable virtual classroom provider. All you need to do is have a correct Internet connection (at least 5mb/s up and down Internet bandwidth), download the desktop or mobile application and create a free account. That's it! You should check beforehand that your camera and audio do work with your device. We advice you to use headphones with micro for a better sound experience. Don't worry though, we will detail you this and help you to get ready for your remote French classes!

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Our student receive private access to our online education platform as soon as their first class and are shown by their teacher how to use it. You need a modern browser like Chrome and javascript enabled to use all the learning features.

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