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1-on-1 FrenchUp courses

A step-by-step 1-on-1 French learning program designed to help you to manage confidently and purposefully all your daily-life social and work situations in an adequate natural French.

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French level prerequisite:

  • Full beginners
  • Elementary (A1)
  • Lower intermediate (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1)
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From 1 to 2 attendees
must be over 18 years old

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Paris • La Défense • Saint-Germain-en-Laye
In cafés, at your office, at home

Expand rapidly and consistently your comfort zone in French

Based on our pedagogy, FrenchUp courses bring together the flexibility and customization of 1-on-1 French classes and the advantage of a well structured and gradual learning program with modern, relevant contextual learning material, resources and online tools.

A powerful mix that will help you to rapidly be able to communicate naturally and purposefully with native speakers in any of your daily-life social or professional situations.

Our FrenchUp courses can be attended by either individuals or a mini group of 2 learners (family, friends, colleagues...)

Course main objectives

Learn and practice a French that you will be able to use on a daily basis

As soon as the first class, you will focus on learning, practicing and assimilating the very specific vocabulary, idioms and sentence structures that you will be able to use or be exposed to on a daily basis. According to your current French level, you will be guided and trained to remove step-by-step the critical language barriers to any clear, natural and appropriate conversations in French in your social or professional contexts.

Speed up your adjusting process to Parisian culture & lifestyle

Engaging in new social interactions and building landmarks in a new environment and culture is a rewarding but highly challenging process. Each class of your FrenchUp course and further selected online resources will give you the opportunity to get valuable and leverageable insights on the Parisian society and lifestyle, to ask questions, step back and increase your cultural intelligence.

Focus on your interests and specific needs

Expatriates in Paris share a wide range of similar situations. However, you may also have unique needs and priorities due to particular situations you may face as a father or a mother, as a professional or a diplomat. Your 1-on-1 FrenchUp course includes ad-hoc sessions so that all your priorities and interests are taken into account.

Capitalize on your training in the long run

We do not want your FrenchUp course to turn into a mere awesome souvenir. As an alumni, you will enjoy a continued access to our online tailored platform to keep practicing your new language skills and explore, in complete autonomy, additional up-to-date selected learning resources. For at least one year after the end of your training.

Course learning journey

Guided homework, challenges & resources on our webapp
Guided homework, challenges & resources on our webapp

Practicing outside the class is key to make swift and significant progress. Here’s why, after each session, you have a continued access to optional online exercises, flashcards, quizzes, listening comprehension tests, helpful and practical resources to memorize, assimilate and delve further into the new concepts learnt during the class.

You will usually have ~15mn to 1h30 of guided online activities after each class.

Cherry on top : you keep an unlimited access to this content at least 1 year after your training comes to an end.

A combination of
3 complementary 1-on-1 session types

1-on-1 FrenchUp classes are a perfect combination of structured thematic sessions, 100% custom ad-hoc sessions and a final evaluation session. The number of each type of sessions depends on your current language level.

Thematic Sessions

18h to 24h

Each thematic 1-on-1 session is dedicated to a specific daily-life related topic that enables to tackle with new French language and culture contents that you will be able to reuse in your social and professional contexts right after the class.

A 4-page tailor-made booklet is issued, printed and given to you at the beginning of each thematic session.

Ad-hoc sessions

4.5h to 10.5h

Ad hoc sessions are designed to re-examine and keep practicing any contents that you would not have been yet fully assimilated or to tackle with relevant topics / objectives which would be particularly relevant to you in your work environment or everyday life.

The more fluent you are, the more the curriculum includes such ad-hoc sessions and helps you reach your personal specific objectives such as being able to interact on topical news and events of an area of interest or professional domain, getting prepared to a particular situation or task in your social or professional contexts or being trained to take an official French certification (DCL, DELF, TCF)

Evaluation session


Your tutor continuously assesses your progress and will provide any necessary adjustments to make sure that you keep right on track to the next French level.

You will also have an additional final evaluation session with a 45-mn written and oral test. You will then benefit from a live feedback and final wrap-up Q/A time with your teacher who will also advice you on the best way about how to keep stepping up and capitalizing on your training in the long run.

A gradual approach from full beginner to CEFR B2 level

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Level assessment is based on the European CEFR framework. Our 1-on-1 FrenchUp courses curriculum cover all CEFR levels from A1 to B2 levels. Every individual French class is designed to consolidate and take your French skills to the next level.

zigzag french class
zigzag french class

During the application process, you will be invited to fill out our online assessment test and to schedule a meeting for a 1-on-1 interview with a member of our pedagogy team. It will enable us to assess accurately your current French level and know exactly at which step of our curriculum your FrenchUp Course should start.

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  • I really can't say enough good things about Novexpat. Over my ~5 years in Paris, I studied at multiple schools, meetups, etc. Novexpat was the best by far! Everything I was taught was super relevant, practical, and immediately useful.


    Alumni 2019

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Fair tuitions fees

No hidden costs : our tuition fees come with everything included, except any food or beverages you may consume for yourself during the class.

The tuitions fees are exclusive of taxes for French classes funded by businesses and organisations for their employees and employees' expat partners or which are run within the framework of a financed vocational training.

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total 30h package fee


per hour

  • All teaching and education material included

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  • Unlimited access to our online learning platform for at least an additional year

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  • Classes at home, in cafés, in museums, at your office

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    • No extra fees on Saturdays or weekday evenings

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    • +6€ per hour for any additional attendee

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Ready to power up your French skills?

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For deeper insights and more Q/A about the 1-on-1 FrenchUp Courses before applying:

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For deeper insights and more Q/A about the 1-on-1 FrenchUp Courses before applying:

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