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FrenchBooster Program

A 3-month French course to scale up your French conversational skills on any daily-life related topics through weekly small-group and 1-on-1 French classes. Also available in a 10-day intensive format.

Next scheduled cycles:

  • On Tuesdays: sept. 29, 2020 - déc. 15, 2020 (Fall 2020 in remote) • See more
  • On Saturdays: oct. 3, 2020 - déc. 12, 2020 (Fall 2020 in remote) • See more
  • On Fridays: nov. 6, 2020 - jan. 22, 2021 (Fall 2020 in remote) • See more

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french level

French level prerequisite:

  • Lower intermediate (A2)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Upper Intermediate (B2)
attendees expatriates paris


4 to 8 participants per group
must be over 18 years old

paris french classes


Paris • on-site

Break through your French fluency plateau.

Since 2018, our FrenchBooster Program helps expatriates in Paris to rapidly scale up their conversation and comprehension skills as well as their understanding of the French cultural and social codes to get able to connect easily with French native speakers and adjust better to the Parisian society.







This French language course is suitable for expatriates, diplomats and expatriates’ life partners.

Course main objectives

Learn, practice and assimilate practical and natural vocabulary, idioms, sentence structures that you will be daily exposed to and as used by the French native speakers


natural idioms, turns of phrases and key sentence structures


flashcards to practice & memorize core structure concepts

Learn valuable and leverageable insights on the Parisian society and lifestyle and uncover great insider tips to enjoy even more your living environment


essential cultural references (music playlists, videos, movies, articles, readings...)


questions to develop your knowledge of French culture

Improve significantly your French comprehension skills and adopt a correct French accent and pronunciation


listening comprehension tests


phonetics exercices & correction

Expand your comfort zone to strike and sustain conversations that matter with more confidence and spontaneity


major topics covering typical conversations about daily-life

Loads of

highly participative guided learning activities

Course learning journey

The FrenchBooster program mixes the benefits from weekly small-group sessions with highly participative activities, individual French coaching sessions to tackle with your unique challenges and optional individual work on our in-house learning web app to practice and delve further into the new concepts.

10 weekly small-group sessions


(For intensive format : 35h spread over 10 daily mini-group sessions)

Each small-group daily session is devoted to one major area of topics for natural everyday life conversations, as any Parisian would have. It’s the starting point to learn, practice and master new vocabulary, concepts and social codes.

Every session is based on a structured, stimulating and progressive learning process. Every attendee has a chance to speak and participate extensively within the group and gets personalized feedback from the teacher.

A tailor-made learning booklet is issued and given to each attendee at the start of each small-group class.

2 private 1-on-1 classes

3h (For intensive format : 1x 1h individual French class)

Each 1-on-1 private classes is focused on tackling your main specific priorities and challenges : a persistent French language difficulty, a topic that you need to master, adopting new learning strategies, catching up on any missed small group sessions, practicing French at a Parisian museum...

This is no improvised lesson. Your tutor will design a bespoke French curriculum for each of your 1-on-1 private classes.

1-on-1 French classes can be taken before the end of the FrenchBooster course either at your home, office, at one of our selected trendy and quiet Parisian cafés or event at a Parisian museum!

Online access to further challenges and resources

~30mn to 3h per session

After each session, you will have access to additional exercises, flashcards, quizzes, helpful and practical resources to memorize and assimilate the new concepts learnt during the class & delve further into the related topic. An optional guided homework that will help you take a maximum advantage of your French lessons.

Our alumni keep having an unrestricted access to our web app at least 1 year after their programme ended.

Fabienne and the Novexpat team are changing the way people learn French. I can’t say enough about how much and how quickly I learned - and how enjoyable the lessons have been!

Alumni 2018

Our students are open minded, curious and highly motivated expatriates and visitors, coming from various countries all over the world. They have various backgrounds (business professionals, entrepreneurs, MBA students, expats’ life partners, freelancers…). Some have been already living for a long time in France, others have just arrived or are visiting. An outstanding opportunity to meet like-minded people, share tips and even make new friends.

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Ready to break through your French fluency plateau?

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