Singing in French Workshops

Designed to significantly improve your French pronunciation

Unleash your voice on a French song and master those tricky French sounds through a highly interactive, original and fun workshop led by a French and vocal coach.

Singing in French Workshops

Overview ico iz0wax

The programme at a glance

Attendees ico ragfnq

3 to max. 12 participants.
Attendees must be over 18

Calendar red ico eparxx

Once a month (except during July & August) on a Friday evening from 07:30pm to 09:00pm

Location ico xwgvra

In a bright dance studio,
ideally located in the 6th arrondissement in Paris

Level red ico nwqxdp
Designed for all non-native French levels
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1h30 group workshop every month of fun and highly interactive singing and French pronunciation activities

Learn an authentic song that French people can't help but sing along to at every workshop

An easygoing learning experience shared with like-minded expatriates

Join the group whenever you want during the school year (subject to availability of space)

Objective ico rldnjc

Transparent objectives

- Grasp French sounds and improve significantly your pronunciation

Singing techniques are very useful to find out and adopt a better language pronunciation.

The learning activities offered during the workshop will help you to gradually hear, practice and fix for good French sounds.

- Find the appropriate tone in your conversations in French

Learn how to unleash your voice with the correct French melody to improve your self-confidence and fluency in French daily conversations.

- Explore and learn major French songs

You will explore a new song at every workshop. The song is part of a popular French musical repertoire that any French person can't help but sing along to!

The selected songs open as well windows to a fascinating society time or cultural and social reality.
Each workshop will help you to delve into it!

- Have fun and meet like-minded expats

The workshop is really easygoing and designed to be fun.

No matter how you sing or speak in French, come as you are.
A great opportunity to meet like-minded expats living in Paris...

...and why not, your future Karaoké friends!

Pedagogy ico ht54fr

Singing in French Workshop's pedagogy

Our pedagogy lays on a unique state-of-the-art singing and French teaching techniques.

Body and voice warm-ups help to discover and gradually adopt a finer French pronunciation while singing in choir enables to practice and fix new pronunciation habits.

The session is designed to help you take more confidence with your voice, whatever the singing or French levels.

All of this while having fun and getting a chance to understand better the French society through the learnt song.

Fabienne Defaux is a talented and passionate French teacher and singer.
Mixing both expertises led her to create this original and efficient pedagogy.
She's the one who leads the workshops.

Fee ico lsrcdh

Fair tuition fees

We believe that you deserve the best learning conditions in the same way as your teacher deserves the best working conditions. That’s why all of our tuition fees are carefully designed to be fair and sustainable for you, your teacher and our managing team.

pay as you go


per 1h30 session*

all taxes included

A dedicated passionate and
super qualified French teacher

All education material

Free cancellation if noticed
before the beginning
of the session

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School Year

  • Friday 14 June 2019, 19:30 - 21:00

9 Place Saint-Michel 75006 Paris

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