Mums & Kids French Workshop

Share an inspiring and happy French time with your kids and other expat mums

Join a group of freshly expatriated mums and learn to master those daily conversations in which French mums get involved.

Each group is managed and hosted by an expat mum.
A kid-friendly and passionate dedicated French teacher facilitates each session.

Mums & Kids French Workshop

Overview ico iz0wax

The programme at a glance

Attendees ico ragfnq

6 mums
Toddlers and kids are welcome!

Calendar red ico eparxx

Weekly sessions
at a convenient time for mums

Location ico xwgvra

Group sessions take place
at the group host's home

Level red ico nwqxdp
  • Elementary (A1 to A2)
Process white ico vuhnwu

Weekly 1h15 face-to-face mini-group classes of progressive and highly interactive activities with a dedicated French teacher

Kids can play together and actively participate in some of the French learning activities

Extra online resources and exercices to boost your learning autonomy between each session

Objective ico rldnjc

Transparent objectives

- Enrich your vocabulary & overcome main grammatical challenges

Every session will be devoted to one of the mum daily-life topics.

Get familiar with common and relevant vocabulary.

Take a chance to assimilate necessary grammatical rules with a pragmatic and intuitive learning approach in the class and after the class on our online Learning Platform, Neo.

- Practice to feel more confident in real-life situations

Train to have conversations that matter in your daily life as a mum.

Practicing with other expatriated mums in an easygoing and caring atmosphere will help you to feel more comfortable in the usual situations you have to face!

- Share a happy French time with your toddler

Learn typical French nursery rhymes that you and your kids will be able to sing together!

- Meet and share experience with other liked-minded expatriated mums

Being an expatriated mum in Paris is such a thrilling but complex experience!
Share tips, advice and questions with other supportive mums.

Pedagogy ico ht54fr

Novexpat's pedagogy

Pragmatic contents
focused on your Parisian reality

A gradual, visual & highly (inter)active face-to-face education approach

NEO, your tailored online learning platform to keep capitalizing in between each session

Fee ico lsrcdh

Fair tuition fees

We believe that you deserve the best learning conditions in the same way as your teacher deserves the best working conditions. That’s why all of our tuition fees are carefully designed to be fair and sustainable for you, your teacher and our managing team.

pay as you go


per 1h15 session*

all taxes included

A dedicated passionate and
super qualified French teacher

All education material

Free cancellation if noticed 48h before the class

Access to NEO, our online learning tool

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