French mini group classes

Scale up your French skills through highly interactive mini-group classes with like-minded learning buddies

Our mini-group programmes are highways to help you to strike and sustain conversations in French with confidence and spontaneity

Mingling with other like-minded learning fellows in one of our mini-group classes is a great way to gain fluency in French.

From 2-on-1 custom mini-group classes to designed learning tracks according to specific French levels, our pedagogy in group classes gives you a chance to discover and assimilate vocabulary, structures and French society codes by theme or concrete situation. As mini-group, every attendee is able to speak French intensively. Each participant is encouraged to work with a buddy : a very powerful pedagogy to quickly scale up the overall group level in a caring and motivating atmosphere.

Our French group workshops are perfect additional learning programmes to 1-on-1 classes for a competitive tuition fee.

Our programmes at a glance