French 1-on-1 classes

Make French language & culture outstanding progress with a dedicated coach

1-on-1 French classes, the fastest way to become yourself... in French

Improving your French in the fastest way possible is what you are looking for? You can feel stuck in your ability to progress in French? You have some persistent pronunciation challenges? Do you need to speak French in a specific working environment or in the framework of a particular project?

The 1-on-1 French classes are the best way to make fast and significant progress in French and to focus on your specific needs and difficulties.

Our pedagogy suits perfectly to the private French classes as it makes them as much relevant, interesting and dynamic as possible and stimulate continuous practice. Your dedicated French teacher can understand quickly your main French language difficulties (in terms of pronunciation, fluency, spontaneity, comprehension skills) and weaknesses (sentence structures and vocabulary) and guide you to tackle them efficiently.
It's simply a treat to help you speak French as you would like to.

Whether used as the main learning format or in combination of other French learning activities, our tailored French 1-on-1 classes services give you the highest standard of flexibility so that you do not have anymore any valuable reasons to postpone or give up your French goals.

We teach general French, business French and specialty French to any French levels (A1 to C2).
We can prepare you also to take the official French exams to get your French skills certified.

Our programmes at a glance

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