Preparation to French Tests for Professionals

Capitalize on your French skills
to strengthen your marketability worldwide.

French is an official and spoken language in about 30 developed and developing countries in the world spread over the 5 continents. According to the OIF , 20% of world trade exchanges happen in this area, standing for about 15% of the world GDP.
France, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium are part of the top FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) investors and hosts, standing for numerous and thrilling job opportunities.

Having your French skills certified could be a great asset for your marketability and your working conditions enhancement.
A way to capitalize in the long run on your French private classes outputs.

We’re able to get your fully prepared to any French official test for professionals. However, we have been selecting the tests which appear to us as the most relevant in terms of format, requirements and process, as well as in terms of recognition in the business world.

All our French exams preparation for professionals programmes are eligible to financing via your corporate training plans or your own CPF.

Our current selection of French tests for Professionals